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Please complete the form below to request any maintenance or repairs needed. You MUST be the legal tenant of the property to request the maintenance. 

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A) I understand that should I fail to keep an agreed appointment time with the contractor to gain access to the property I will be held liable for any costs associated with the call out. B) I understand that if the contractor finds there is no need of repair and that the issue was caused by my error I will be held liable for any costs associated with the call out. C) I understand that if it is found the damage or repair was caused directly by me or my actions or anyone associated with the property, I will be held liable for the cost of that repair and call out. D) I agree to provide to beHome Realty Ltd any Health & Safety issues presently at the property that may pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the contractor.
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Once your request has been sent the property manager in charge of the property will confirm the maintenance request with the owner. Thank you.