Service Guarantee

Our ‘Service Guarantee’ to you!

Before you try our service please ask yourself three questions you should know the answers to whether your property is currently managed or not:

  • Do you know how to minimize rent arrears, property damage and how to avoid being sued if a tenant injures themselves at the property?

“Our property managers are licensed members under the Real Estate Institute therefore we must provide you with the upmost duty of care. Due to their expert knowledge of the Tenancy Act, the correct procedures are undertaken to recover arrears, costs for replacements and damages”

...Have you been informed on how to minimise your risks by using the right landlord protection insurance?

  • How do I screen the tenants for suitability?

“At beHome Realty we understand that one of your main concerns is that the right tenant is selected for the property. We believe this is one of the fundamental components to establishing a long lasting beneficial relationship for both the owner and the tenant. Therefore a wide range of checks are undertaken to ensure the credit worthiness, rental history, current employment situation and suitability to match your requirements as the owner”

...Do you have access to a National Data base that checks the tenants name across a range of government, credit and financial databases?

  • Do you know what the rental market is currently doing? What type of tenancy documents do I need before the tenancy starts?

“Different areas and style of housing are very important factors in establishing the rent rate. Can you charge for water usage? When can you inspect the property? Once a tenancy has been confirmed, beHome Realty ensure a thorough legally binding tenancy agreement is signed, and implement a meticulous set of special conditions over the tenancy”

...Are you aware of your rights as the landlord, and the legal responsibilities of the tenants?

Here at beHome Realty Ltd we are committed to providing you with an effective and thoroughly enjoyable property management service we want you to evaluate our services first! If after the first month of beHome Realty managing your property you are not happy with the service provided we will cancel the management, hand the pre approved tenant over to you at no cost. We believe you will be relieved, completely satisfied and confident that your investment is in the best hands possible.

“The Service Guarantee”

If, as one of beHome Realty’s clients, you are in any way dissatisfied with the service we are providing or feel as though we have not lived up to your expectation in terms of the service we have provided in the management of your property, then we will gladly continue the management of your property for the next three months absolutely free of charge.

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