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Landlord Insurance by REAL: Protecting your investment

At beHome, we understand that protecting your investment property is paramount. That's why we highly recommend REAL Landlord Cover to all our clients. This insurance is specifically designed to safeguard landlords against a variety of risks, providing comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Why Choose REAL Landlord Cover?

Superior Claim Approval Rates

One of the standout features of REAL Landlord Cover is its exceptional claim approval rate. REAL approves 80% more claims than standard insurers, ensuring that when the unexpected happens, you can rely on them to support you quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Protection

1. Loss of Rent

Vacancies and tenant issues can lead to a significant loss of rental income. REAL Landlord Cover includes protection against loss of rent, ensuring that your cash flow remains steady even when your property is unoccupied or when tenants default on their payments.

2. Property Damages

Property damage can be costly and stressful to repair. This policy covers damages caused by tenants, protecting you from the financial burden of unexpected repairs and ensuring your property is restored to its original condition without out-of-pocket expenses.

3. Loss of Contents

If your rental property is furnished, protecting your contents is just as important as protecting the structure. REAL Landlord Cover includes coverage for loss or damage to your contents, so you can replace any items quickly and keep your property in excellent condition.

4. Legal Liability

As a landlord, you could face legal claims from tenants or third parties. REAL Landlord Cover includes legal liability protection, covering legal costs and claims, which safeguards your financial interests and provides legal support when you need it most.

5. Bond Money for Reletting

Reletting your property can be a hassle, especially if you need to retain bond money to cover costs. This policy allows your agency to retain bond money for reletting purposes, making the transition between tenants smoother and more financially manageable.

6. Meth Contamination 

Methamphetamine contamination is a growing concern for landlords. REAL Landlord Cover includes coverage for meth contamination cleanup, ensuring your property is safe and habitable without significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Affordable and Accessible

With REAL Landlord Cover, you receive all these benefits for just over $6.35 per week. This small weekly investment can save you thousands in the event of a claim, offering excellent value for comprehensive protection.

Additionally, only approved agents like beHome are authorized to offer this exceptional cover, ensuring you receive specialized support tailored to the needs of landlords.

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Invest in REAL Landlord Cover through beHome and secure the comprehensive protection your property deserves.

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